The Story of Hard Drive's MO

By Jiesa Ma

Hard Drive's latest Puma-Dyne theft causes him to cross paths with Dr. Eileen Meowgins, his former girlfriend, and he becomes embittered by recollections of his past.

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In the late hours at Puma-Dyne most of the lab could be found empty. Except there's always that one workaholic. Dr. Meowgins was one of the youngest and smartest. Her only downside was her intentions for her work wasn’t to benefit kat kind, but herself. She’s working furiously at her computer when something clicks in her mind.

“I got it! Oh this will bid high on the market.”

“And what's that Eileen?”

She spins around in her chair at the familiar voice to see Hard Drive.

Eyes glaring, “how dare you show your face after you steal my coat! I thought we were partners” she practically growled out at the thought of all the money she lost out on.

“Oh, if looks could kill, but they can’t. I thought we were more than partners but you made a fool out of me. So, darling what have you come up with now?”

Her expression changes from shooting daggers to just stone cold. She can’t really deny anything and not really knowing how much he found out of her intentions, she turns his attention off of her to what he really came here for.

“Why ask me? You got the suit, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand anything when you have that on.”

“Ah that's right, I was a janitor who never went to college. What would I know of technology?”

Hard drive touches the computer and uploads a memory. He is mopping the hallway floor, passing a door he hears his and Eileen’s name being mentioned. So, being curious, he eavesdrops.

Voice “you know Eileen, I’ve seen the way Vic looks at you, think maybe you’ll give him a chance?”

“Ew the janitor? Please, maybe if he went to college and got a real job, maybe we'd have something intelligent to talk about. But on the plus side he would make a good test subject for the project.”

The other voice sounds real hesitant.

“I don’t know if it’s really safe to test, I mean the amount of information and electricity being absorbed threw the nerves and into the brain we still don’t know if the dispersal chip can bring it down to a safe level.”

“Don’t worry, I worked really hard on it and am certain its safe. Plus we can just have him sign a contract, it will be covered up in the worst case otherwise he can be a very wealthy kat. How can he say no to that much money?”

Hard drive turns to her angry and still heartbroken.

“I was a hard worker, in a good job with a union. Just because I didn’t go to a good school where I’d be working to pay it off instead of trying to make a living, doesn’t mean I was stupid. I can still understand things and look into what's really going on in the world. Unfortunately, I was just blinded by love. I was so happy when you came to me flirting, working on a plan to steal the coat and make it look like an accident. I thought we’d have the power to actually change the world. But after seeing your true colors, I couldn’t care less if it all burns.”

He had to take a minute to refocus himself, and then adds in a cocky tone.

“So let's test out my theory on being able to have a basic understanding. Go ahead Eileen, tell me what this is.”

She sighs.

“it’s an anti-target optical drive plating system , similar to the theory of cloaking.”

He pauses thinking about what she said. Eileen folds her arms, confident he has no idea of what it really is or how it works without using his suit on the computer. He looks at the screen and confidently gives his interpretation.

“So, in layman's terms, it's a defense system preventing the plane or tank from getting shot by giving off false information of its actual position. Bravo, if I had this on my jet not even the SWAT Kats can shoot me down.”

He looks over at Eileen to see her surprised expression.

“I read a lot, I don’t need professors explaining things to me when I can pick up a book and figure things out as I go along. If I could have afforded it, it would have just been for the experience.”

All this talk of him trying to prove to her how smart he really is, gave her an idea. Eileen didn’t think it would be hard to stroke his ego, get a little flirty to distract him so she can hit a distress button. If she makes him think she was really turned on, and say how badly she wanted him, needed him then and there, maybe she could trick him into taking off the coat so when security came, they could actually catch him. Then only downside would be how to casually steal and sell over the black market without having Hard drive as the fall guy anymore and the coat in enforcer evidence locker.

She had to give it a try. She gets up, walks over and rubs her hands over his chest.

“Oh you don’t know how hot you are right now.” He kisses her softly. Good it’s working, she thinks to herself as she glides a finger on a switch on the side of the keyboard. He wraps his arms around her and whispers in her ear.

“Nice try Eileen, but you only get to burn me once.” He holds her tighter as he gives her a shock. He could've easily let her drop to the floor but he gently puts her back in the chair, and despite affectionately brushing her hair back he calls her moggie which means mixed bread. Even though bread is not important, 75% of the population being mixed, and he himself is a mutt it's still a curse word.

"This is Ann Gora live with Lt. Feral. Lt. What has happened tonight in this most recent breach in Puma-Dyne . "

"Unfortunately Hard drive keeps getting past Puma-Dyne's cyber defenses. With the information he stole the chances of catching him are slim unless we manage to catch him before he uses this new research. Until then we urge you to keep an emergency plan. Like always, review the building secured safety zones at home and work."

"Thanks Lt. Well you heard it here first on Kats Eye News ."

As the crew wraps up with the cameras and lights Ann turns to Felina.

"Is it really that bad we need to remind what to do in a worse case scenario?"

"Yes, if what he has actually works, not even our best shooters can bring him down. "

"Well surely the Swat Kats."

Felina gravely shakes her head.

"Stay safe Ann."

Chance and Jake who has been watching the 11 o'clock news in the waiting area of their garage, they are clearly tired of the constant leaks of information and stolen weapons.

Jake "You gotta be kidding ME why does the city keep funding Puma-Dyne when all they do is lose their top Secret stuff and end up blowing up the city? "

"Well Jake I guess you'll be missing Jimmy Katlen again. I'll page Felina to meet us at the usual. Wonder what she can tell us…"

The relationship between them and the enforcers had slowly been growing but off the radar to discourage other wannabe vigilantes. The only support they can do for each other is trade info if it was necessary.

The cycletron races through the deserted streets of the city in the factory district. Felina is waiting under the overpass of Megakat City freight train line.

“Hi guys, wish we can stop meeting like this, it just keeps getting worse."

"It can't be worse than when your uncle almost lost it when Oblivion came back with those explosives'."

T-Bone instantly regretted bring up those memories. Had Oblivion not crippled Felina’s dad on the job, he would have been the commander, Things would've been different and he would have never seen a darker side of Commander Feral. Those micro atomic bombs were scary, but Commander Feral and what he was willing to do was truly terrifying, and it's a secret only the two of them share.

"Well Oblivion was able to be captured. Hard drive and whoever he sells the info to won't be so easy. In theory, whatever we fire at him will just miss and hit buildings. The stolen tech creates a virtual decoy on our targeting scope."

What Felina just told them already has Razor’s stomach in knots. Most of the jets stolen these days are almost as fast as the Turbokat, unless they use the speed of heat, but then there's the problem of gas and now their weapons might be useless?

"Well do you have a copy of what the details are of how it works?" Razor asks slightly hopeful .

"No the file has been corrupted , unless you're good at recovering damaged files?"

Now his stomach is even worse. If he could at least understand it then there might be a chance to beet it. But if she asking him to restore the file then it must be beyond help if Puma-Dyne can't fix it.

“Really, what good are they?"

“The good news is Hard drive left the engineer who was working on it a live."

Felina adds “But she is in a coma, I'll contact you when she's up."

“Well let’s hope it doesn’t actually work since they never tested it” Razor had a bad feeling about it though as him and T-Bone hoped back on the Cyclotron.

On the way home T-Bone hardly talked. Razor didn’t know if it's because his buddy wasn’t as tech savvy as he was, and not knowing what to say or how to help, or he was just as worried that for a change they wouldn’t be able to stop the bad guy. Suddenly he heard T-Bone over the roar of the wind.

“Weather or not it works he still has to build it to test it out before selling the plans for this thing right?”

“Yeah I guess so.”

“Well then let's head to Puma-Dyne and see if anyone knows what it will take to make it and catch Hard drive trying to steal it.”

Although T-Bone would blow a fuse sometimes when he cooled down he could come up with solutions. Razor shouldn’t have been surprised, but he still was.

“Alright lets head to Puma-Dyne!”

As great as an idea it was, Puma-Dyne was a dead end. The team that was working on it said the materials were actually pretty basic and could have gotten them anywhere. All they were waiting for was Dr. Meowgins to design the circuit for the outside of the jet and the software.

For all anyone knows, Hard drive could have a jet somewhere. Razor was starting to wonder if maybe he should just shoot without aiming and just pray for dumb luck, but if someone got hurt from blindly firing…

He quickly scratched that idea off.

With no other leads to follow the Swat Kats went back to the hanger to brainstorm which really resulted in trying to get some sleep so when Dr. Meowgins wakes from her coma they can get to work on an attack plan against the anti-target system. Jake was mostly tossing and turning, wondering if Chance had the same problem and if they should go back to the drawing board on working on the jet.

Suddenly he just heard Chance talking in his sleep from the adjoining wall. Of course he'd be passed out. It kinda made him laugh a little to himself.

It was sometime in the afternoon that Lt. Feral contacted them that Eileen Meowgin was awake and cleared to have visitors. Commander and Lt. Feral were already there by the time the Swat Kats got there.

“Who let you two in? If this wasn't a serious matter I'd arrest you but we got more important things.”

Even off camera with not many Kats around Commander Feral still had to discourage the support of vigilantes despite his secret growing respect from all the times they saved his life and the cities as well as his nieces.

“Yeah well there's always tomorrow” T-Bone prods back.

He always found it funny that the commander very rarely ever tried to follow through on his threats of throwing them behind bars.

Eileen cleared her throat and continued her explanation.

“You see there's no way to update your targeting system. The digital holographic shields give off false images on both types of systems that run on visual or sonic pulses.”

“So we just give up is that what you're telling us?” Felina abruptly says.

“Yeah pretty much. Maybe move upstate, I hear it's safer, prettier and cheaper then here.” Everyone was a little unnerved by how carefree she just sounded about it.

“Maybe Hard Drive shorted out her brain a little” T-Bone muttered. Just another dead end.

Back at the garage Chance was getting worried for Jake. He didn't see him this depressed since Dark Kat framed them for injuring civilians.

“Come on buddy well think of something. We're the good guys we always come on top. Relax.”

Chance sees Callie's car heading up. Good he thought Callie might make him feel better.

“Hi guys, I think I have a leak. The oil light just came on. Jake are you ok?”

She didn't see his face light up like usual. She looks forward to it most of the time.

“Uh” totally thrown off that she would notice he started blushing and there it was that cuteness that she was looking for.

“Uh well it's just the news these days. Honestly Miss Briggs I don't know how you do it.”

“Well there are a few things that I look forward to that lift me up. There’s also the Swat Kats. I know things look bleak for them and the enforcers. But they always pull thru. Especially when they disappear in a time portal. I don't know how they manage to come back but they do. And even with indestructible robots they save the day.”

“This won't be any different.”

The look Jake gave her was priceless and started to blush again.

“Ok then I guess I just have to look at it that way.”

Jake glances over to the doorway where Chance is standing. He just finished replacing the broken oil pan and refill it and the evidence was all over him. Looking at Chance's uniform covered in oil gave Jake an idea and he was back to his old self. Good she made him feel better just like I thought Chance thought to himself not realizing he was the reason Jake knows how to make everything work out. Chance was so relieved that he just realized Callie was getting away before he could flirt with her a little.

Jake let out a soft laugh and Chances expression.

“Come on we got work to do down stairs. Let's take that drum down and-” looking through some supplies “this hose and some of these and the rest is down stairs”.

In the hangar Jake was getting a little ahead of himself, giving orders to Chance and getting to work before explaining anything. By now Chance knows when Jakes in the Zone and asks questions when his focus changes. Finally Jake realized Chance has no idea what they were doing.

“If Hard Drives jet has smart armor that projects replicas of itself all we have to do is cover the armor so it can't project threw.”

“That's it?”

“Yeah pretty simple huh”.

Meanwhile in another part of the city, Hard Drive finished working on his jet. He turns on the system and sure enough it works.

“Eileen really is a Genius. What a shame she thinks she too good for anyone”.

Even though he knew she's not the girl he thought she was, he's still broken hearted. And was mad at the world. Someone with beauty and brains who can overlook status, and see someone who they really are, that you don't need anything fancy to be great or smart, or make achievements…. All that was just a childish ideal he placed on her and the world. So this is the time for him to level the field between the haves and have nots.

Since stealing gold, Identities, and defense secrets all ended the same, with no impact on the Kats who think they're better than others Hard Drive decided to take a cue from Dark Kats MO.

“Today's a good day to blow up Enforcer HQ” he said as he jumped into the cockpit. He felt the odd tingle he always felt as he let the surge coat merge his mind with the jet.

He took off and not to soon after the enforcers got tips of seeing an odd bundle of jets flying close together. The description over the enforcer band was pick up by the Swat Kats. It was time to roll out and put their new toy to the test.

All three engines to the max to catch up to the spot of the last sighting of the strange bundle of jets.

“That must be him” T-Bone points out as it comes into sight.

“wow that's oddly hypnotic. And the illusions so realistic looking.” Razor said as both him and T-Bone gazed at the images of swirling jets.

“How do you like my new jet Swat Kats? I’d like to see you try and stop me now.”

“What do you say Razor, let's give him what he wants.”

“You got it buddy. Let's hose him down”.

It took a few attempts for the spray to actually hit and cover the real jet. Before Hard Drive knew it he couldn't see out the cockpit. Conveniently he crashed into a construction site that was taking down a building. The enforcers wasted no time in pulling a knocked out Hard Drive. The city was safe again for now thanks to the Swat Kats.

~ End ~

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