The Return of The Scorpions

By Serge Bahdasaryan

It has been 2 years since the disappearance of the miners in the tunnels where Megakat Metallurgical Company has been digging agracite…

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It has been 2 years since the disappearance of the miners in the tunnels where Megakat Metallurgical Company has been digging agracite and also the disappearance and rescue of Ann Gora by the Swat Kats and Lt. Feral. Tiger Conklin has been captured by the enforcers and was sentenced to 10 years in prison with the charges manslaughter and additional 4 years for running an illegal dumping of toxic waste into the tunnels. At Megakat City prison Tiger Conklin is working into digging crystals from the caves in the Megakat swamp as a way to minimize his sentence. Every morning Conklin is woke up by the security guard in the prison and escorted by the enforcers to the mining fields in Megakat swamp, diligently digs crystals from the mines there and at the end of the day gets back to prison and again escorted by the enforcers.

      Conklin wasn’t the only one who dug in the mines and is kind of ironic that Conklin dug crystals in Megakat Swamp Mines, but he was there to work out his sentence. Among the prisoners in Megakat City prison was also Dr. Viper who also served his sentence. Viper was “fascinated” with Conklin’s use of the toxic waste for developing the mutated scorpions and of course, Viper was interested to continue his creations. Viper had his ways in prison and bribed security guards to get him some goodies he wanted like a heater in the winter, light after the “lights out” call at 11 pm and the privacy in his cell.

One evening Viper goes to Conklin for further information about the toxic waste disposal. It was after 11 pm and Conklin was already asleep.

Viper: Tiger Conklin, wake up. We have businessssssss!

Slowly opening his eyes Conklin turns around to see Dr. Viper’s face and stunningly replies.

Conklin: Who’s there? Who are you?

Viper: Someone interested in your early work Conklin. I want to know where you keep more of the toxic wassste.

Conklin: Dr. Viper, no. I don’t want to have any business with you.

Viper: Fool! The Swat Kats are the ones responsible for your arrest and meddling in your affairs with the toxic waste. I was watching carefully the scorpions you created.

Conklin: I didn’t create them on purpose. It was an accident.

Viper: Many discoveries have been done after accidents. I have a proposition for you.

Conklin: I am not interested. I just want to do my time and possibly leave the prison early. I have already lost a lot of money.

Viper: Suppose I have a way to recoup your losses and in exchange you will help me destroy the Swat Kats.

Conklin took a minute and thought about the idea and then stood up next to Viper shaking his hand.

Conklin: You have a deal. What is it that you want from me?

Viper: Excellent! You have to tell me where you stored more of the barrels of toxic waste.

Conklin: The Enforcers too most of the barrels from proper disposal, but there is a warehouse I store a dozen of them. No one asked me if there were more barrels so I didn’t tell anyone.

Viper: Brilliant! Now we will visit that warehouse and there we will produce a huge amount of scorpions which will destroy Megakat City and the Swat Katsssss! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

With that said, Viper injects a serum in Conklin’s body…

Back in the Salvage Yard where Chance and Jake are working to pay off the debt to the Enforcers and while doing so, there is always time for fun and constructive thinking, especially from the mechanical genius Jake. He was working on his latest invention…

Jake: Chance, check this out buddy. This is the sprinkler missile.

Chance: Hahah, really? Will you use it to sprinkle on the mayor’s garden?

Jake: Very funny. I am actually thinking of using it when we have to distract the enemy so I can launch another missile which will knock it down or out.

Chance: We will need better than that buddy! That’s why we have the tar pit missiles. Remember we used it on the robots during our time in the future?

Jake: Yeah, I remember very well that tin can world we were in. I am glad we managed to get out of these. The sprinkler missiles can not only be filled with water, but also with another more effective liquid powerful enough to succeed against the bad guys.

Whilst continuing their conversation, Chance turns on the TV

TV: This is Ann Gora Kats Eye News bringing you live from the Megakat prison where we have a situation. The inmates known as Dr. Viper and Tiger Conklin have escaped last night. With us here is now warden Simmons.

Mr. Simmons, will you care to comment?

Simmons: It’s a surprise that Tiger Conklin escaped, because he was the model prisoner who worked hard every day in order to shorten his sentence. Dr. Viper on the other hand is well known for his psycho behavior and ignorance towards the other inmates. My guess is that Conklin was probably persuaded to escape with Viper.

Back in the Salvage yard Chance and Jake appalled by the news

Chance: What would that creep want with Tiger Conklin?

Jake: Conklin was the one responsible for the missing miners. Remember the big scorpions we had to fight in order to save Ann Gora?

Chance: Of course, we almost became dinner a la carte for those bugs.

Jake: Exactly! If Conklin escaped with Dr. Viper that means that it has to do with the origin of those bugs and Viper is the only one who would be interested.

Chance: Ugggh, doesn’t that reptile ever give up!

Jake: Apparently that reptile is interested in the “research” of Conklin

The alarm starts ringing and Chance picks up the phone

Chance: Yes, miss Briggs.

Callie: Swat Kats? Do you read me?

Chance: Loud and clear Miss Briggs.

Callie: Dr. Viper and Tiger Conklin have escaped from prison.

Chance: We heard that part Miss Briggs and now waiting on their move.

Callie: They already made their move. A lot of barrels of toxic waste from the warehouse of Megakat Metallurgical Company are missing.

Chance: (turning his head to Jake) I guess you were right buddy. The toxic waste barrels are missing.

Jake: I knew it. I am guessing Viper will want to revive the scorpions using the toxic waste from Megakat Metallurgical.

Callie: Swat Kats, you have to hurry! It appears that Conklin has grown and he is tearing Megakat City apart. Hurry!

Chance: We are on our way Miss Briggs.

With that said, Chance and Jake quickly change themselves into T-Bone and Razor and board the Tubrokat jet and fly away on the way to the city where Tiger Conklin now a huge monster, looking the same but just with fangs continues rampage on the city with citizens running scared. The enforcers are already on the scene led by Commander Feral and his niece Lt. Felina Feral but are helpless to stop the Conklin monster created by Dr. Viper. When the Swat Kats arrive, they realize that Dr. Viper is not at the scene.

T-Bone: Where is that reptilian psycho?

Razor: I am assuming that Viper will be trying to create a scorpion army and he would go to the place we buried them.

From the radio station on one of the enforcers helicopters

Enforcer radio: Commander Feral sir! We spotted Dr. Viper near the abandoned mines from Megakat Metallurgical Company. The situation is becoming very serious here.

Commander Feral: Understood. Squadron, head to the abandoned mines immediately. We enforcers will handle this.

Lt. Felina Feral in her style follows the squadron. Seeing that Commander Feral screams in outrage:

Commander Feral: Felina! Don’t go anywhere! I told you to stay put here! I will go instead.

Felina Feral: I hear you uncle, but I am more acquainted with the layouts of the mines. Let me go with the squadron.

Having nothing to respond to her the commander decided to stay and fight Conklin with the rest of the enforcers while Felina joins the squadron to pursue Viper.

Meanwhile up in the air T-Bone and Razor are also trying to figure out the situation.

Razor: T-Bone, I also think we need to split up. I will go after Lt. Feral to stop Viper and you should keep our big friend busy.

T-Bone: Roger buddy. Just be careful not to face that big bug brigade by yourself.

Razor: I will be ready for them T-Bone. I have already finished repairs on the cyclotron and it’s ready and operational.

Razor easily goes down from his seat to the cyclotron and explodes away from the Turbokat in pursuit of Dr.Viper.

Up in the air left alone T-Bone flies over Conklin and tries to make a sufficient attack on his in order to stop his rampage.

T-Bone: Switching to weapon mode. Deploy match head missiles!

The match head missiles left the jet in direction to Conklin, but the missiles did not make any damage as Conklin has improved shield.

Meanwhile Razor speeds up the cyclotron and passes easily the squadron enforces led by Lt. Felina Feral.

Felina: The Swat Kats. I am hoping we can defeat Viper before he makes another mess.

Razor: Lieutenant, Viper is planning to revive the scorpion threat from before. We have to stop him before it’s too late.

Arriving at the scene where were the abandoned mines Razor and the enforcers discover that Viper has already begun the process of creating an army of scorpions.

Dr. Viper: You are too late Swat Kat. My scorpions will go destroy Megakat City and I will be in charge. Hahahahahaha! Look at my creations! They are sooo beautiful.

Felina and Razor began shooting at some of the revived scorpions who look exactly the same, but more vicious than before. Viper has managed to improve the scorpions from before.

Razor: I guess this is the time to use my sprinkler missiles.

Felina: Hurry and use whatever you have to, because soon we will be on the dinner platter for those things and later the entire city will be their feast.

Razor fires a mini sprinkler missile to the scorpions which began to feel pain from the water spread at them. Having seen that, Razor immediately contacts T-Bone:

Razor: Buddy, how is the situation up there?

T-Bone: Not good at all. The giant Tiger is pretty much shielded from my attacks. I tried slicer missile, match head missile, turbo blades but it doesn’t stop him at all.

Razor: Use my sprinkler missile. Wait! T-Bone, those scorpions along with Conklin are acidic right?

T-Bone: I guess so, Razor. I am the pilot buddy, you’re the genius. But if Viper is messing this up, for sure there are chemicals involved.

Razor: I’ve got it. I cleaned the Jet earlier today using baking soda which is an antidote to the acids. There should be at least 10 missiles on board with water mixed with baking soda. Shoot those at Conklin! I believe it’s worth the try.

T-Bone follows Razor’s recommendation and shoots five sprinkler missiles with water and baking soda at Conklin. The effect is almost immediate as Conklin begins to shrink back into his normal size.

T-Bone: Bingo! It worked like a charm Razor.

Conklin: Where am I? What’s going on here?

Commander Feral approaches Conklin.

Commander Feral: You’re under arrest Conklin. This time we will put you in maximum security and then we will see how tough you really are.

Conklin: Wait, I can explain. It was Viper who put me up to this.

Meanwhile Razor hears the news and shoots mini sprinkler soda missiles at the scorpions that also shrank back to their original size. With an attempt to escape Viper is caught with a net from Lt. Felina Feral and her squadron.

After Viper and Conklin are caught the Swat Kats leave the scene with Feral being interviewed by Ann Gora:

Ann Gora: Looks like the Swat Kats save the day again. Would you like to comment Commander Feral?

Feral: With the good effort of the enforcers and a minor help from the Swat Kats we managed to catch the fugitives Dr. Viper and Tiger Conklin.

Up in the Turbokat the heroes are watching the broadcast and T-Bone asks Razor:

T-Bone: Hey Razor, do we still have of the water sprinkler missile?

Razor: I am sure we do buddy. Why you ask?

T-Bone: I will shoot a mini sprinkler missile at Feral. He needs some refreshments. Hahaha!

As Feral continues to rant on the Swat Kats the mini sprinkler missile shoots water on his face and left him enraged for 100th time at the Swat Kats.

Feral: I will take off your masks one day Swat Kats. You cannot hide from me forever.

~ End ~

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