Mile Ten, Let's Do It Again!

By swatkatfan21

What happened to the Enforcer Sargent as he took a smaller role during the show.

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Commander Feral turned his car down another shady Street on MegaKat City’s Southside. Shifty Kats glared death at him from dark alley ways and broken windows. A half wild pack of kittens dashed into street tossing bottles and insults. Slamming the brakes the Commander hammered the dash with his fist and cursed after the hoodlums.

“If I wasn’t tail deep in super villains and two hot shot vigilantes I would clean up this awful part of town.”

As the anger ebbed  it was quickly replaced with an overwhelming feeling of frustration. Being the Commander of the Enforcers it was his job; no, his very calling in life to keep the citizens of this city safe. Yet, with what seemed like every madkat, super criminal, and undead monster in the world buying a townhouse here. The common thug, mobster, thief, and murderer had run of the streets. Taking care of the so-called ultras had to be top priority, but he wouldn’t let any crime slip through his fingers. To do that the Enforcers needed a kick in the pants and only one Kat could handle the job.

Feral pulled the over outside what appeared to be the cleanest stretch of storefronts in the area. His gut told him why and an confirmation came from the pub before him: “The Black Rose Pub.”

A massive boot kicked the door open, 'You frat punks come back here and I’ll start breaking bones in your pampered tail and stop at your noses.’ The boot was on attached to the shortest and broadest Kat Feral had seen before. Without so much as a grunt the Kat dragged out two beaten college Kats and tossed them out on the sidewalk. He pulled a cigar from his jacket and lit it watching them pull themselves off the ground. 'Now, get out here before I drag you back to MegaKat U by your ears!' Both Kats appeared to debate rushing their foe until he tossed his jacket aside revealing a muscled blonde furred frame littered with scars. 'What? You punks want to go another round?' He flexed his arm and gave an evil grin. Both Kats looked at each other and jumped in a nearby sports car taking off toward the university faster than Manx heading to the golf course. Taking a long drag off his cigar the bouncer gathered his jacket and went back inside.

Feral was a step behind him through the door and took his measure of the pub. Random beer and whiskey signs covered the walls alongside pictures of Kats and she-kats. One picture caught his eye and stopped him in his tracks. 'Remember Our Brothers and Sisters' was written on the frame filled with many familiar faces. Feral gave them all quick salute, 'No more names will be added. . . I promise all of you this.’

‘Please tell me you didn’t kill those punks, Jimmy,' came a stern voice from down the bar.

The bouncer rolled his shoulder and cracked his neck loudly, 'Nah Uncle Joe, but they know not to put their slimy hands on our waitresses. You doing alright Sally?'

At the other end of the bar sat a pretty she-kat pressing a bag of ice against her hand and an irate look on her face.

'I'm fine, but I broke a nail on that frat jerk's jaw,' she held her hand to examine the damaged nail, 'Do you have any idea how long I waited to get these done!?'

The other kat put the ice pack back over her hand, 'I believe your words were, 'Ow! I had to wait three months to get an appointment for Salon La Feline.’ So if you feel okay enough to complain I think you can clean up.’

Feral couldn’t suppress a smile, ‘I see even on leave you're still a hard as nails, sergeant.’

The sergeant looked up, 'Commander Feral, sir!' He snapped off a crisp salute.

'At ease and pour me something strong,' he returned the salute and sat at the bar.

As he grabbed a top shelf bottle and two tumblers the sergeant looked over his shoulder, 'Sally go ahead and take the rest of the day off. Jimmy make us something to eat.’

Sally had her purse in hand and was almost out the door in the blink of an eye, 'Thanks boss! Bye Jimmy!'

“Wait, I bust the heads, have to make the grub, and she. . . She's already gone. How can anyone move that fast in heels?”

“Jimmy, food, now or I’m going to start making short jokes.”

Defeated the bouncer went back to the kitchen, 'I'm not short! I’m taller than my dad!'

“That’s not saying much!”

Feral raised his glass, 'To our brothers and sisters!' They clinked glasses.

“May the always be remembered!”

They downed their drinks and poured another round. The two Enforcers sat in silence for a few moments.

“As much as I enjoy sharing a drink. . . something tells me you didn’t come for just a whiskey, sir.”

'To be honest I’ve been thinking about MegaKat City and the Enforcers,' he peered into his glass, ‘I don’t want to loose any more good Kats. To do that I need your help.’

“How can I help, Commander?”

“You’re not going to be happy about this but I need you to go back to training Enforcers. Felina has proven herself to be an able second-in-command. The next generation needs to be tougher to face the likes of Dark Kat and the Pastmaster.”

 ‘To be honest Commander your niece is more than capable and to be frank', he glanced over at the fallen in the picture. 'If I could whip you into a Kat that would one day lead the Enforcers I can train the ones who take down Dark Kat.’

Jimmy came out of the kitchen with a tray of chicken wings, 'Alright one order of super deluxe nuclear hot wings. Let’s dig in…’

The door flew open and a dozen angry frat Kats stormed in. Their leader kicked over a table, 'No one insults the Delta Brotherhood and gets away with it. Brothers tear this dive apart!” A loud clang filled the bar as Jimmy tossed the tray into the punks and charged.


Feral was glad he wasn’t in uniform and cracked his knuckles, 'Remember what you use to say after morning pt, Sarge?'

“Look alive yard bird! Mile ten, let’s do it again!”

~ End ~

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