Expecting Better

By Agracite

Memories come to Turmoil of her life during one of her many nights while serving time in Alkatraz prison.

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Another cool night in Alkatraz Prison.  Yekaterina Orlov, better known as Turmoil, was used to the cold.  It was almost always cold in Verkhoyansk, her original place of birth.  Also known as Stalion’s Death Ring, Verkhoyansk was where political exiles were sent and is considered one of the most coldest places in the world.  It is considered one of the most miserable places too, though Yekaterina would say Megakat's Anakata Island is giving it a run for its money.

Yekaterina stares through the barred window at the moon as she lays in her bed.  It had been nearly eight months since her imprisonment and she was beginning to get impatient.  A contingency plan to free her had been put in place in case of her capture.  It was long overdue.

The moonlight shining down on her face through the bars made her wonder if this is what her grandmother had felt.  Her grandmother was exiled to Verkhoyansk because of her aiding in "crimes against the government".  What those were Yekaterina never knew.  Her grandmother could have been killed if not for the aid of a powerful oligarch with who she was friends with since childhood.  Yekaterina spent the first 5 years of her life in Verkhoyansk, and when her grandmother’s exile had been lifted, she was more than happy to leave.  She didn’t remember much of Verkhoyansk except the cold.

Yekaterina sighed and sat up in bed.  The old springs of the prison mattress squeaked from the movement. What would Babushka think of me now? Yekaterina often wondered.  She stood and walked to the barred window.  The sea below churned and waves crashed against the rocks.

It was her grandmother who raised her.  Not long after they and her mother relocated to Saint Purrsburg, Yekaterina’s mother began to date.  Eventually she caught the eye of a wealthy man and when Yekaterina was seven, her mother ran away with him, leaving her in the care of her grandmother.  Yekaterina hated her for that.

Life was hard as the nation was going through changes, but Yekaterina and her grandmother made the best of things.  She was taught that women could achieve anything and were strong as men when need be.  Her grandmother was a seamstress and got several jobs each month that allowed the two of them to have their own small apartment. Yekaterina went to school and graduated with high marks.  She was a brilliant child and had developed a fascination with planes.

Tragedy struck when Yekaterina’s grandmother died of pneumonia not long after Yekaterina’s graduation.  Furthering her education was gone as her savings went to funeral expenses.  It was worth it, her grandmother deserved the best.

Babushka, would you see the strength and power I’ve achieved, or think of me a failure for allowing a man get the best of me? she thought, looking out across the waters towards the faint city lights of Megakat City.

After her grandmother’s passing, she received a letter from her mother.  She hadn’t heard anything from her since she left those years ago.  At first Yekaterina wanted to not even bother reading it, but curiosity got the better of her.

“My dearest Yekkie,” it had read, “Unfortunately I have learned of my mother’s passing too late to attend her funeral and be there for you.  In fact I deeply regret having left you both as I did.  Allow me to make it up to you by coming to live with me.  I have been living in Amerikat the past seven years with my new husband Bronco.  Please come, there is much opportunity here for you.  Enclosed is enough money for travel as well as my address.  Love and kisses.”  The address was in Megakat City.  With nothing to keep her in Saint Purrsburg, Yekaterina packed and used the money to travel to Amerikat.

Yekaterina’s mother had done quite well for herself.  She inherited her first husband’s wealth after he died in a rock climbing incident.  He and a few friends were on the side of a mountain outside Megakat City.  A cord wasn’t secured properly and he fell to his death 1,000 feet.  Her second husband is rich from oil his father struck in Texas.  They lived in a mansion in the obscenely wealthy part of Megakat City.

Her mother was different than she remembered.  She seemed happy and bubbly, warm and energetic.  Perhaps it was the complete change in scenery and standard of living.  She also had worked hard to drop most of her Russian accent, embarrassed by her birthplace.  Yekaterina still hated her.  The husband Bronco was annoying.  Typical Amerikat tycoon with an air of supremacy and no appreciation for things.  Bronco wasn’t even his real name, was a nickname given when he played the Amerikat sport football in high school.  He and her mother both called her Yekkie. A name she wasn’t fond of.

Why did she stay?  They proved their usefulness by financing her education.  She was one of the few women majoring in engineering at a prestigious university.  She also took flight lessons and obtained her pilot’s license.  She had also gotten involved in a women’s liberation group and made several acquaintances.  The financial backing of her mother and stepfather allowed her to focus on her passions.  Yekaterina put up with the pet names, the dull parties and even Bronco’s flirtation with her when her mother wasn’t around.  One evening Yekaterina had had enough.

A plan had began forming and it began with recruiting other likeminded women.  Women who had been hurt, passed over, ignored by men.  Women of varying degrees of skill sets.  Yekaterina had saved money her mother carelessly given in attempts at buying her love.  She purchased land on the outskirts of Megakat City and built a large manor for herself and her more trusted women.  It would serve as a temporary base of operations for Yekaterina’s all female militia.

As plans formed, the militia changed.  What was the ultimate goal?  To take revenge against all the men who have wronged Yekaterina and her girls?  No.  It was more than that.  It was to prove how superior women were.  The militia would have to go beyond the laws that tom-kats had written and become something more akin to a criminal enterprise.  Everyone was in agreement at that point.

The illegal activity needed to take place off campus.  And it needed funding.  With the aid of a group of computer savvy women, funds were descreetely removed from banks with information stolen from Bronco and his investors.  With that obtained, construction began on an underground compound in the side of one of the canyons of Megakat Canyons.  They had the manpower for it, as her forces grew over the years.  Runways were built in the canyon for take off as pilots were trained.

Megakat City’s defenses had grown heavy to deal with more high level threats of villains such as Dark Kat and Dr. Viper.  Yekaterina had decided to choose an alias for herself as well.  Turmoil.  Various of her top soldiers also chose names for themselves.  Names like Blaster, explosives expert, Titanium, head of construction, Agracite, hand to hand combat expert and Chaos, her chief hacker.  Most pilots had calsigns as well.  A cal sign and jet was earned when training was complete and they proved their worth in the skies.

Turmoil expected the best of the best out of every one of her women.  She also expected complete loyalty.  Most were to leave their civilian lives behind unless needed for infiltration purposes.  Dating was forbidden.  There was plenty of time for that when their goals of power and wealth were achieved.  None were to discuss the goings on outside of the compound, especially once the construction of the first of two airships began.  Her recruits included women from various places in Amerikat as well as outside nations from throughout the world.

The technical advances of the planned airships were beyond what any nation’s military had.  Turmoil along with several other female engineers had created modern marvels of technology that any male with intelligence would have to find themselves in awe of.  In particular Turmoil herself had successfully created a unique weapon which she called the Vertigo Beam.  To protect her airship while in flight should her pilots face trouble in defense, the Vertigo Beam had the ability to give a pilot dizzying effects as if they were experiencing vertigo.  It required the operator to have great aim and technical skill, something which her Lieutenant had.

Her Lieutenant… where was she?  Lydia Hale had been with Turmoil since her university days.  She gave up going into the Amerikat military to join up with Turmoil’s militia.  She knew she would be more highly respected and her military knowledge would be put to better use.

The airship had crashed into the sea thanks to T-Bone’s planted explosives.  The Enforcers rescued many of her women, all taken directly to prison.  It was a third of her forces, most of which were the best pilots and crew she had.  Lydia surprisingly was not among those collected.  Turmoil had chosen well as those captured gave nothing away to Commander Feral and his Enforcers.  She had been sending word through operatives that were put in place among the Enforcers.  Messages had ceased entirely two weeks ago which made Turmoil uneasy.

Gazing out on the far off city, a dark flying form appeared to be getting closer.  Yekatrina squinted and realized it was a small helicopter, black save for the familiar red sigil marking it as her’s.  She grinned.  It’s about time, she thought as she placed a hand on her bulged belly. I do not wish to give birth in Alkatraz’s med bay.

~ End ~

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