An Elusive Adversary

By Poecat

A brief look at Chopshop and his allies.

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Late into the hours of a warm summer night, a blueish glow flickers from a worn down warehouse window. The warehouse sits in the more unfavorable south side of Megakat City. There are still good people that live there, amongst the crime lords and gangsters.

The warehouse from a distance appears to be closed up and unused from the outside. Upon closer inspection, One would find that inside there is great activity. Music floods the air with a club atmosphere. The UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ sound reverberates off the steel and stone walls, along with the sound of a welding torch.

There in the center of the warehouse is a futuristic looking helicopter. The large sharply angled flying machine sits in the middle of a bullseye that is painted on the floor with neon green and purple paint which glows from the black light fluorescent bulbs.  A couple cars and another helicopter sit in the garage as well, though they are in different states of being disassembled. 
A spotted kat with a purple mohawk turns off the torch and lifts up his welding safety visor to look at the finished job. He crinkles his nose, joy fills his green eyes as he lets out a bit of a maniacal laugh.

He stands and gives the chopper a pat. “There. They will have a harder time bustin’ through her this time. Right babe?”

Jaxon nods his head to the beat of the music. He’s wearing a pair of blue coveralls that are partially unzipped showing a purple shirt that he has on underneath. He walks over to a counter and gives his welding shield a toss onto it. It is already flooded with tools and random parts.

On the wall behind the cluttered counter is a large complicated blueprint of the helicopter he has just finished repairing. Jaxon grabs a lime flavored Kitty Kola soda from the counter and takes a long drink.

“Yo Uncle Jax!” A twelve year old preteen girl rushes through a door of the warehouse. Her hair is as wild colored as his own. Her purple pants are form fitting, though her T-shirt fits loosely and hangs off her shoulder.

Startled, Jaxon snorts soda out his nose. “GAH!” He gives her an exasperated look.

Olivia catches that green soda snorting out her uncle’s nose, her lips spread into a wide cackling laugh. “Oh my gawd that musta’ burned!”

“Tsh. You little scrap brat.” He chuckles at her laughter and wipes his nose with the back of his arm sleeve. “You’re home late. You were suppose to be home hours ago.” He tosses the now empty can in a garbage bin in the corner.

“Oh stop tryin’ to be my dad.” Olivia giggles as she walks towards the helicopter. “You got that hole patched up… niiiice.”

 “My brother left you with me almost four years ago.” Jaxon walks towards her and the chopper, taking a shop rag from his back pocket. “I think he relinquished the ‘dad’ title then.” He takes the shop rag and whips it against her hip. “Someone has to make sure you grow up halfway decent.” Snorts.

The rag cracks against her hip and she yelps out. “Ah! Hahaha! And you are the one ta do that? Chopshop?”

“I did say halfway descent.” He looks to her with a smirk on his face. Laughs then motions her to follow him into the cockpit of the chopper. “Come on, let me show you what I added.”

Olivia follows him into the cockpit and sees a stack of sharp metal blades that are all a foot in width with sharp points along the edges. She picks one up. “Whoa! You replicated the SWAT Kats Turbo blade!”

Jaxon cackles out. “Yes I did. I can copy just about anything. Especially when they leave them wedged in the body of my chopper.” He gently takes the blade from her hands and opens the artillery chamber and loads it. “I can put up to 75 rounds in this bad boy. Hahah! Those SWAT Kats won’t know what hit ‘em! Tsh and let’s see them try to send anymore of those blades back at me. I just finished rebuilding the shell with that top grade mega alloy I ripped awhile back from that top secret military base.”

“Awesome!” She jumps into the cockpits pilot seat and grabs the thrust and cyclic levers. Olivia pulls on them, pretending she is on a mission. “So when’s yer next big heist, Unc?”

Jaxon moves an arm to lean on the pilot’s seat. “Tonight.” His hand ruffles at her head. “Why you wanna go with me?”

She gasps. “CAN I!?”

He smirks. “No… I’m suppose ta be a halfway decent uncle.”

“Ugh… you sure know how to get a kid’s hopes up.” Olivia turns her head to look back at him with a pout, then razzes her tongue at him.

“Yeah I know. Now come on, get outta there, Scrap. It’s after midnight and dotcha got school tomorrow?” Jaxon moves out of the chopper. “If I’m not back in the mornin’, you know how to take care of things. Yeah?”

Olivia takes a moment as she looks around the cockpit, then she moves out of the chopper. She bobs her head to the UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ playing in the hanger. Moves up against her uncle and gives his arm a squeeze. “Yeah. Night night.”

“Nights, little girl.” He gives her grin. He watches as she heads out of main warehouse and into the living quarters. Jaxon turns off the music. He goes to a locker. Unlocking it, he opens it to get his Chopshop flight suit out. He grins at it and pulls it on.  He gets a little plastic container and opens it. Inside are a pair of bright green sclera contacts, that he uses to help distract from his identity.

Within hours Chopshop finds himself in an air chase with the Enforcers and SWAT Kats. He successfully stole several highly important trade files from Megakat Trade Towers.

“I’ll be able to sell these trade secrets to some rich bozos in another country. HAHAH!” Chopshop says to himself with a wide grin. “I just gotta shake these pigs off my tail!”

“GAH! What’s that!?“ The new mega alloy shell had paid off. However he finds himself caught by the SWAT Kats as two steel cable lines from the TurboKat jet out and attach to the rear of his Chopper. “Grrrrr!” He grabs the disk that has the trade secret information in it and shoves it into a drive on his dash. He hits a green button and the files begin to upload.

He is jerked back in his seat as his chopper blades hit the concrete of the building below. When his chopper is lowered, he jumps out ready and aiming at the SWAT Kats. But his lazer is blasted from his hand by an Enforcer.

As the Enforcers cart him off to Headquarters for booking, Chopshop moves his cuffed hand to the wristband of his flightsuit. He discretely pushes a button that triggers an alarm back at the Warehouse.

Olivia wakes with a start. “Guh! They got him!” She scrambles and turns the television on to Kat’s Eye News. Ann Gora is recording live and talking to T-bone. “We have a mission, Ann. Down these mean skies a kat must fly. We wanna be the good guys.”

“Tsh… I guess that makes us the bad guys… when we’re just halfway decent folks tryin’ ta get by, huh?” She cackles and grabs her jacket as she rushes out of her room and to the warehouse. She jumps onto a green and purple dirt bike and shoves on a pair of goggles. “Time ta come bust ya out!”

~ End ~

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