The Writing Challenge

The Entrants

The Gear of the Kat
By rich-online

The Story of Hard Drive's MO
By Jiesi Ma

A Prophecy Reclaimed
By Lady Stormcrow

By Eric “Erico” Lawson

Helter Shelter
By Mikazo

An Ally On the Outside
By Katney

An Elusive Adversary
By Poecat

Chronological Redistribution
By NeeKnight

By Ty-Chou

Expecting Better
By Agracite

The Return of The Scorpions
By Serge Bahdasaryan

Mile Ten, Let’s Do It Again!
By swatkatfan21

By AkaneKitty

It’s been 24 years since the debut of SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. Over the course of two seasons, a number of characters, stories and scenarios have been introduced. Amid all of that action and adventure, several unanswered questions have arisen. Now, it’s time to answer them!

For this challenge, choose an event, scenario or other quandary posed by the show that left you wondering just how that certain thing came to be, and use that as inspiration to write a story to explore it in more detail. Resolving the unresolved need not be limited purely to just answering the question, but can also be used to create a backstory, or drive a present-day based work of fiction forward. Resolving the unresolved can also be just a minor part of the story if it serves as inspiration to tell a greater tale. Mystery, drama, action, adventure, peril, romance, etc. are at your discretion, and largely depend on just what unresolved aspect you choose to take on.