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Writing Challenge Deadline November 27, 2017

Are you a writer? Are you a SWAT Kats fan? Are you looking for a little…

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Then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the Writing Challenge, the internet’s new exclusive location for one of the SWAT Kats fandom’s latest events. Started by the members of the forums, this fun-filled event is set to pit writer-against-writer in a friendly competition to see whose creative interpretation in response to a posted challenge will be declared…

The Winner

The Winner

The Challenge

Writing Challenge 1Challenge

It’s been 24 years since the debut of SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. Over the course of two seasons, a number of characters, stories and scenarios have been introduced. Amid all of that action and adventure, several unanswered questions have arisen. Now, it’s time to answer them! For this challenge, choose an event, scenario or other quandary posed by the show that left you wondering just how that certain thing came to be, and use that as inspiration to write a story to explore it in more detail. Resolving the unresolved need not be limited purely to just answering the question, but can also be used to create a backstory, or drive a present-day based work of fiction forward. Resolving the unresolved can also be just a minor part of the story if it serves as inspiration to tell a greater tale. Mystery, drama, action, adventure, peril, romance, etc. are at your discretion, and largely depend on just what unresolved aspect you choose to take on.

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Do you accept the challenge? Yes? Okay! Now What?

Writing Challenge Deadline November 27, 2017

Review the current challenge. Review the in-depth rules and parameters on this page. Let your muse inspire you. NOW START WRITING because you only have until the end of the countdown to email your completed story to Your story will be collected and posted on this subdomain and linked to from this this thread.

Your story will go up against all others who’ve answered the challenge. The citizens of will then be given 14 days to decide the victor.

The Prize

If your story wins the vote, you’ll earn the custom title of Challenge Champion on, be featured on the homepage of with a link to your story, adorned with attention on SWAT Kats social media and be able to choose the next challenge topic.

Also for this challenge, all good faith participants will receive a SWAT Kats Challenge Coin. The writer with the most votes will receive a $100 artwork comission by POECAT COMIX depicting a scene from their story.

Second and third place writers will also receive sketch artwork by POECAT COMIX (scenes at artist's discretion.)

The Prize

The in-depth details follow, and you can view the current challenge's status on this thread.

The Rules

  1. Entries must be emailed to prior to the deadline (November 27, 2017) as an attachement: .doc, docx, .pages, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, etc. Please include a brief summary and your desired pename with your story.
  2. Stories should be at least 1,200 words, and must be no longer than 8,500 words. Somewhere between 4 and 19 pages.
  3. The submitted story must adhere to the content guidelines/rules. For the purpose of this challenge, it should not exceed a TEEN rating:
    Teen Rating
  4. If the story is too mature or violates the rules it cannot be shared on the forums and as such cannot be voted on and becomes ineligible to win.
  5. If you are uncertain if your story will exceed the rules we encourage you to share any works in progress, concepts, or treatments prior to you investing large amounts of effort with any of our helpful moderators here at who can provide help on an individual basis.
  6. Only stories submitted by the deadline can be voted upon. If a writer is running behind and finishes after the deadline they can still post it to the challenge but it will be ineligible to win. (HOWEVER, they will still receive a coin for their good faith participation if the story is submitted up to 2 weeks late.)
  7. There is no sign-up sheet. It's up to the participants to complete their story and email it to before the deadline. HOWEVER, it is appreciated if participants publicly announce their involvement, share their progress, and keep an eye on this thread for any announcements.
  8. Who you vote for is confidential.
  9. Entries must be your own work and it must be original AND in response to this specific challenge. No re-submitting old work. The goal is to write a NEW story in response to this challenge.
  10. Each writer may submit only one entry per challenge. If you post works-in-progress, the final/latest version will be what counts.
  11. Collaborations are allowed and encouraged! Just make sure whoever submits the finished work credits both parties involved in its creation. Also, make sure whoever you partner with is someone that will want to share a challenge idea with you.
  12. Give it effort! We understand that writers have different ability levels, but effort is encouraged and the challenge is only as successful as you make it.
  13. OCs (Original Characters) are allowed. However, in order for this to be a SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron writing challenge, there must be at least one canon character included and depicted in a fashion that is not completely overshadowed by the original character.
  14. Unless there’s an exception in a specific challenge, there should be no characters from other established series, movies, books, videogames, anime, etc. as that has the potential to detract from the challenge.
  15. Quality of the story is a must! While perfection is not expected, adhering to English grammar and spelling is very much appreciated.
  16. Once the deadline is reached, a moderator will setup a poll accessible from the challenge thread with all of the posted qualifying entries. There will be a method of verification in place to help ensure that all submitted stories were read prior to voting. All members of are allowed to vote. After 20 days have passed, the poll will be locked and the winner announced.
  17. The winner will forever be known as the Challenge Champion for that specific event, and will earn a custom title/rank on for their achievement. Their work will also appear on the homepage of with a link to their story. And, the winner will get to choose the topic of the next challenge.
  18. Winners are ineligible to win consecutively. However, should they wish to participate they are allowed to do so (their entry will not appear in the poll).
  19. While it is unlikely, additional rules, parameters or criteria may be added to account for any unforseen circumstances that arise during the course of the challenge if it proves neccessary. These changes will be announced should they occur.
  20. Have Fun: This activity is meant to help foster creativity among SWAT Kats fandom artists who love to draw and are looking for a new venue to try something new, and for artists of varying skill levels to participate and hone their abilities. Even if your art isn't voted as the "winner" it will still be viewed by hundreds of people and will receive feedback from's residents and be archived with the challenge.


Email your art challenge responses to before the deadline in…

Writing Challenge Deadline November 27, 2017

Good luck!